A bit of an Introduction


Welcome to Reanimator Guitars

Located at 474 Neerim rd Murrumbeena.
This store is dedicated to the setup, repair, maintenance and modification of guitar and bass. As well as electronic services, custom cable's and sale of strings, accessories and refurbished quality instruments and pedals.
Let us bring your tone back from the dead. 

Guitar and Bass - Standard price guide:

Basic setup (intonation, clean, neck adjustment, restring, light fret work): 

Fret dress: 
$150 (Inc setup)

Re fret: 
$200-350 depending on fret type and neck condition.

Jack Replacement: 

Standard electronic work: 

Full re harness: 

(Prices do not include parts/strings)

Structural repairs or alterations:

All will be evaluated before quote. All evaluations are free, standard bench time costs $60 per hour

Reanimator Sourcing and Restoration of Instruments:

Got a guitar dream you need fulfilled? We can help! Specialising in (but not limited to) Japanese/American instruments we can search for the instrument of your riffological desires.
On the other hand if you already have an instrument of past glory to which the years have been unkind, talk to us about the potential for restoration.
Nothing is more satisfying than the return of a beloved riff stick to active duty.


20ft straight jacks $65
20ft right angle to straight $70
10ft straight jacks $30
5ft speaker $70
1 meter speaker $60
Patches $12
Custom cable quotes available. Contact the store with enquiries.


Replacement $40 per speaker
Full four speaker replacement $120, Inc rewire $150
Rewire $40
Diagnostic test $40