Always Learning

Always Learning


Y'know there isn't really a Standard road to being a guitar tech. Most of us kind of muddle our way to the riff lyfe by way of things like touring bands, carpentry, electronics if you're fortunate you may have found your way to a Luthier workshop or maybe worked in a guitar store and attained knowledge that way.

My story is a long grind of 20 years playing in bands and assisting musicians, and theater people learning electronics and trying to invest in knowledge from those who have developed systems of repair work that are smart and efficient. 

There is an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from in the tech world and you never stop being a student of the art of instrument care. 

Between the relationships developed with guitar builders, Luthiers, other techs and the incredible amount of media on the internet there is a plethora or amazing stuff to mull over, try out and discuss the merits of with your peers. 

As i have learnt on my travels, never underestimate the kindness and knowledge of other techs. You only succeed at anything in life by being an absolute nerd for the thing you're pursuing. And the world of instruments and just music in general is definitely no exception. Most deep divers and aficionados love a natter about the in's and out's of best practice care, and just the things they love.

One thing I particularly love and feel is an underestimated resource is hard copy books to have on hand old school style. 

There is a lot of knowledge that only exists in hard copy text that never even made it to pdf format and those old books often contain rare insights to the craft. 

Here are some of my standard go to texts I leave in the workshop at all times. I have more specific stuff but these ones get me through most things. 

Anyhow that's enough out of me for bit!

Remember to stay safe and keep smashin riffz.

Chris Reanimator  
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