Chorus Pedals. The 80s in a Box.

The power of modulation is a curious thing. Make one man weep, make another man sing. Change a straight tone to a beautiful wavy sound. More than a delay, that's the power of modulation.

Chorus specifically in this case. Chorus as a modulation splits your guitar signal preserving one as a clean unaffected signal and the other is hit with pitch modulation and delay, to create that thick slightly detuned goodness that sooooooo many great bands have used in massive songs. From Nirvana to Midnight Oil, Crowded House to Metallica.

You will need money but you don't need fame. They'll probably accept a credit card to buy this pedal train. It's strong and sudden but cool sometimes, and it might make your sound lush.... That's the power of chorus.

Let's look at some classic chorus!

The Boss CE2:
Probably the most widely used, well recognized and copied chorus in existence. If you were born in the 80s as you exited the womb your umbilical cord was tied off with a copy of Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet (the irony) and put into a swaddle with a CE2. Two knobs of simple goodness. Delightful.


The T.C Electronic Stereo Chorus+:
Yes you will need to plug it into the wall, no there is no 9V option. But when it comes to classic stereo modulation and high headroom at a price that won't require you to remortgage to own one (I'm looking at you CE-1!) this bad boy can't be beat.
Electro Harmonix Small Clone:
Like Grunge? This 80s refugee became widely used by 90s bands probably because it sounds real nice, is basic as heck to operate and has a low price tag. Unfortunately they have this weird 3.5mm jack that will require a converter if you get an O.G 90s one.
The Boss Dimension C:
A Roland Dimension D in a can. Just 4 buttons and that's all it needs. Spectacularly lush, classic chorus sounds. All killer with no filler. I love them, pure magic.
The EarthQuaker Sea Machine:
This thing is unrivalled sea sick insanity. Guaranteed to make your guitar blow chunks of riffage into the briny tonal depths. The animate and dimension knobs are wild, worth your time if you like to catch the big sound waves.
Strymon Deco:
A super cool combination of overdrive and modulation options with an impressively beautiful tape voiced chorus function. Not strictly a chorus per se but it is so cool I deemed it worthy of a mention. Strymon make some great units and this is no exception. Check it out.
Walrus Audio Julia:
A modern classic. Ultra mega versatile, does old school, does new school. Blends vibrato with chorus in a plethora of weird and wonderful ways. I think it rules, and I've noticed its addition on many players boards. Strong recommend.


Well I hope you've enjoyed this romp through the chorus news I've Huey Lewis'd myself around on this post. Perhaps this may give a little insight to anyone looking for some direction toward their perfect chorus sound.


As always stay safe and riff... lushly?


Chris ReAnimator
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