Doom is Lyfe

Doom is Lyfe


If there is one thing I truly appreciate in today's musicians it's the froth at the mouth fervour Doom guitarists possess for modding their instruments and improving their sound. 

One of my clients came in recently with his SG standard which had already been upgraded with more specific pickups and push pull coil splits on both tone knobs.

Now this would be plenty of options for most people but he had a more ambitious situation in mind.

This sweet riff stick was to be further upgraded with two fresh custom made brierley Pickups, installed along with some fresh Emerson CTS pots. And the real kicker, a Yamaha Revstar style Kinman bleed activated by pulling the tone knob on either pickup creating a "dry" switch. 

It's this type of specificity to tone creation that i really dig. Why stick to the standard if you can get experimental.

Now i spoke a load of jargon before so let me put it in lay terms. This guitar now has 4 sound options with adjustable tone for each.

It's worth mentioning the dry mod sound isn't for everybody. It is very subtle, dropping the bass response slightly to give a more clear glassy tone. If you utilise clean ambient sounds it can be a great tool, but if you crank high distortion you'll never really notice it. 

Hopefully this hits the nail on the head for the needs of the owner. Get a load of the stacked cavity in the pic.

Got any mods you want to try? Hit me up. I love a challenge.

Till next time Stay safe and riff hard

Chris Reanimator 
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