I Need a New Guitar...! But do you really?

I know you're doing it......

I can read your thoughts......

"My riffs... so stale... If only I had... ... ... ... A NEW GUITAR!"


This is the thought process occurring in the addled minds of all guitarists. We are as unto a great Tolkien style dragon that hoards guitar equipment instead of gold. Yes my friends poverty and sound gear await you but hold your horses for just a second.

What if I told you you might be better served with a specific set of upgrades rather than a whole new guitar which - spoiler alert - will need a setup anyway. Let's take a stroll down Conscientious-Riff-Stick-Owner Boulevard and consider the following...

"Why is the spark gone?"

Consider me a relationship councillor for you and your guitar. When you first got together it was true love. So what has changed?
"Is the neck action no longer exciting?"

A super common problem easily remedied by a setup. Your guitar will feel brand new after a truss rod, nut, fret and string height adjustment well intonated. Maybe test a new string gauge or tuning? That fresh string feeling on a cleaned and conditioned neck is unbeatable and could be just what you need.

"Is the response with amp not what you had hoped?"

Reinvigorating your sound is a classic method to get back that lovin' feeling and with the huge range of electronic upgrades/mods; better quality pots, different value capacitors, Kinman bleeds, kill switches and a swathe of pickup choices the tonez are yours for the taking. I personally love dropping fresh pickups in my guitars to try something new. I recently put some Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAFs in my old Burny LP and it's like a second honeymoon. Getting that new feel and response is an absolute joy. Strong recommend. It Also never hurts to get your amp serviced by a pro, sometimes it's not the guitar.

"Has the guitar become less visually appealing?"

Time the great destroyer. Has relentless playing, rough transport and possibly improper storage left your bad riffer a sad riffer? Take it to a tech and get it reconditioned. I've seen some extremely sorry looking guitars come to life and once more become objects of desire through the dark arts of cleaning, refills, wet sanding and re-polishing. Things as basic as changing knobs, pick guards, nuts, tuners and saddles to different colours and styles can be completely transformative to the look of a guitar.

My theory about guitars is they are at their most appealing when you keep it simple but elegant, two dominant colours with one highlight is where I usually aim. That's not to say you can't be as wild as you want, I'm just sharing my thoughts as a guideline for those unsure of a way ahead. I am in the process of rejuvenating one of my fathers guitars, one of which is a natural finish strat with white pick guards and knobs. I'm changing it to black on natural with chrome hardware for a more aggressive look. When in doubt black it out!

As you can see there are a lot of options beyond just replacing your guitar. Explore them and get the most out of your riff stick!

If this has inspired you to explore your options I am open throughout the holiday period. Hit me up on email for an appointment and let's get the spark back in your music life.

As always stay safe and riff hard.

Chris Re-Animator.


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