Love in the Time of COVID: An Online Acoustic Odyssey

Okay everyone, it's time.

I'm going to spill the beans.

Then we are going to eat those beans and with the awesome power of knowledgable flatulence building in our collective bellies, shart our way to glory!

That's right people, because I know what you really want in this world - apart from clean sheets, soft yet strong toilet paper and lower taxes - a method to buy a second hand acoustic guitar online without committing to an absolute stringed minger.

Oh yes my friends I heard you gasp all the way from the workshop.

Class is in session newbs, time to take some notes.

Step 1. Don't be a dick, be a dude or dudette
You reap what you sow, so be cool with everyone. I know that should be a given, but some people seem to forget that when talking to a seller. You get further with all things in life sharing the sugar not spraying the spice. 
Step 2. Confirm some basic info. 
Age? Storage? Damage? Fret condition?
These are mega basic but important to consider. Older guitars have a greater chance of stress related issues. Poor storage is another contributing factor to serious issues, and of course it's good to confirm any known damage.

In addition to this do some snooping on the internet about the model guitar you are viewing. Particularly standard prices and reviews. Know what you're getting, don't get ripped off. 

Now for the really important things.

Step 3. Confirm truss rod operation.
Unfortunately, this is sometimes not possible as many guitar owners have no idea where it is, or what it does. Regardless you should always enquire as it is essential to proper setup. It is however, a certain aspect that you will sometimes have to take on faith.

Step 4. Review photos and ask for specific pics if necessary.
This is the real critical info.

There are three things in particular you need to see. Any bow in the neck, the string height at the bottom of the fretboard and the height of the saddle. This is to evaluate how good or bad the action is and whether the guitar is a lost cause or can be corrected with accurate setup.

If the string height is high and the saddle already low it's time to back away from the instrument as it's most likely never going to play well. The same can be said for an over bowed neck. In these cases it's back to the Loch with you Nessie, save your dollarydoos for a better riff stick.  

Heed my words legends: be patient, don't jump at just any guitar. 

Follow these 4 simple steps and you have a very good chance of scoring that dream riffer you've been searching for. As always, should you have any issues with you guitar purchase my shop is only a call away.

Till next time friends, stay safe and riff hard.

Chris Re-Animator
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