Three Phase X Re-Animator. Together at Last!

Break out the bubbly, we've got big news!

Re-Animator Guitars and Three Phase Studios have teamed up to become a joint force for riff stick rejuvenation.

It's a plan we've been incubating for a while now, designed to bring more services to Three Phase - one of Melbourne's premier rehearsal facilities.

For a while now I've been receiving guitars from my rad customers via courier as they are simply too far away to get across town to my shop in Murrumbeena. I've also become quite accustomed only meeting these legends via e-mail or phone call. As the volume of services increased I got to thinking...

"What if I provided a drop off service for guitarists, outside of my local area?" Sometimes you just need to try something a little different, and Three Phase is now my highly trusted drop-off and pick-up point for your precious riff sticks.



Three Phase studios has long been highly regarded by musicians in Melbourne. Originating from Shanty Town Studios (the site of many awesome shows) in 2003, Three Phase has been moved to larger premises and consistently upgraded over the better part of the past two decades, servicing thousands of musicians, bands, and general legends.

Personally it's my favourite place to jam in this town, bar none. Awesome rooms, great PAs, and fantastic people providing a pro service. My kind of place. Now that I've given you a little background into Three Phase it's time to explain where I come into the picture!


Despite the many awesome services Three Phase currently provides, there was one service they they didn't have... a resident guitar tech! Lo! I started a convo and over the months we fleshed out a simple plan.

Step 1. I provided high quality guitar cables to the Three Phase shop. Delivering 3 different standard lengths 10, 15 and 20 ft Mogami 2524 cable with Neutrik gold jacks. All personally made, tested, and quality guaranteed.

Step 2. Establish a drop off system to address all your Guitar service needs with ease and here is how it works!

Drop into Three Phase studios during opening hours:
Mon - Fri: Midday to Midnight
Saturday: Midday to 10pm
Sunday: Midday to 6pm

Present your riff stick to the front office where you'll find a QR code that you can scan and fill out an online form, or, for those who aren't particularly tech savvy, a physical form to fill out with a pen!

Leave your name, contact deets, type of guitar, and services you require, as well as any deadline you may have. The lovely Three Phase staff will safely and securely store your guitar and alert me of the legendary riff stick waiting for my services.

Once I collect and assess the guitar I will contact you to discuss the works needed, once given the go ahead I will get your poor sick riffer back to A1 shred levels ASAP and return it to Three Phase for pick-up and payment back at the office. Simple!

Basic price guides are available. I only do work agreed on by the customer, and next jam servicing is totally available.

So there it is! Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your dog!
Re-Animator/Three Phase for a thousand years!

Thrill to the scintillating convenience, gasp in awe at our guitar set up acumen!

Get in for a service today.

Chris Re-Animator.


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