Wick Studios x Reanimator Guitars

Wick Studios have partnered with Reanimator Guitars to ensure that anyone can get quick and affordable access to high quality guitar and bass repairs when they need it.

Who are we?

Wick Studios is a music/creative hub located in Brunswick, Australia that provides various rehearsal, recording, photography and film production rooms. 

Reanimator Guitairs are dedicated to the setup, repair, maintenance of guitar and bass. With years of experience in working with all brands and models of guitars, Reanimator can make sure your guitar is always feels like new. 

What do we do?

We can Repair, Restore or Service your instrument to make it feel like new!
Leave your guitar in a secure lockup at Wick Studios to be taken back to the Reanimator Workshop, where it will be lovingly attended to, and brought back for your collection.

How does it work?

Once you’ve decided on a package that suits you (see below), simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, leave your guitar safely with the staff at Wick Studios.

You can expect a service call or email within 24 hours of Reanimator picking up your guitar from Wick. During this call, Chris will discuss the finer details with you and proceed with the job.

Your guitar will be taken back to the Reanimator workshop for your selected services to be completed. 

Once your guitar service is completed, your guitar will be returned to Wick Studios ready for pickup when you are next in. Payment has to be made upon pickup at the Wick reception desk.


How much does it cost?

See the package pricing below!

Guitar Setup A
Basic Guitar Setup (standard/Hard tail) - $105 + Strings
Light fretwork, Intonation, Nut File, Saddle Adjustment, Clean & Polish.

Guitar Setup B
Basic Guitar Setup (floyd/floating Trem, Acoustic guitars) - $135 + Strings
Light fretwork, Intonation, Nut File, Saddle Adjustment, Clean & Polish.

Bass Guitar Setup 
Bass Guitar Setup $105 + Strings
Light fretwork, Intonation, Nut File, Saddle Adjustment, Clean & Polish. 
(Add Ernie Ball strings of choice and change for $40)

Major Works/Other
Quote upon inspection. Leave your guitar for an obligation free evaluation via phone call or email.

All prices exclude 10% GST